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Trade Shows and Events 

Looking for a  Japanese speaking trade show presenter? Or an Oriental looking trade show presenter who speaks English? Or even more?

Yuko has worked for many international trade shows and she can help you communicate with your potential customers in an appropriate way!



If you are looking for a Japanese speaking trade show presenter to market your brand in Japan, Yuko is the perfect person! You direct Yuko in English, then she can deliver your brand image to Japanese visitors as she communicates with them to bring more customers to your business.

If you are looking for an oriental looking English speaking presenter, Yuko can do this for you too. She will happily represent your company's sophisticated oriental culture. 

She can help you translate and sometimes rewrite the script to perfectly fit in to your stand and the show!

Casting and Training


You may want to make your exhibition stand more like the one in Japanese trade shows, probably with gorgeous looking girls? We can help you find models and presenters who could deliver your brand image appropriately. 

We arrange a casting for you where you can meet candidates and we can help you choose the right people to work with you at your trade shows or corporate events.

Once people are chosen, we make sure that they are 100% ready before the show. We will host a half day training session where they practice the script or the way they approach the trade show visitors. 


Styling and More! 


If you decided to have pretty girls at your stand, it is much more effective when they are wearing nice outfits with your brand logo or something to represent your brand. 

We help you design and create stunning outfits to help your marketing at the show. When models and presenters walk around the venue, do you know how many people speak to them or ask for a photo with them? That's a lot! We won't miss these great opportunities. 

And if you want us to help write a script and produce audio visual tools for the show, we can do it for you, too!

Please get in touch with us!!