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Yuko Suzuki is a Japanese presenter, producer, writer and journalist covering sports, science and cultural subjects for international media outlets.  


Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Yuko grew up near Kobe, where the famous Kobe beef is made as you have probably assumed. She moved to UK to study History of Science at Imperial College London, where her main interests lay in the early concept of quantum mechanics and molecular biology.​

Her column ‘Football Pilgrimage’ is commissioned by one of the biggest selling Japanese sports magazines and currently run as a monthly travel column, gaining coverage by BBC Radio.

In her spare time, she enjoys creating her fan and quirky YouTube videos. Her aim is to turn the world healthier, politer, cleaner, and more organised place using her Japanese wisdom!

Yuko's Speech Subjects

Japanese Approach to Health and Happiness

Confucianism Shintoism

Politer, Cleaner and More Organised

Probably thanks to Rugby World Cup in 2019, More Brits have been visiting Japan in recent years. What everyone tells me on return from their trip, always the same: Polte, Clean and Organised! If you like it so much, why don't we try to be politer, cleaner and more organised in Britain?! Yuko gives you the foundation of such Japanese mentality practical tips for it. 

Football Pilgrimage and Potential of Regional Towns

Japan as an Ancient Futurist



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