Presenter and Reporter

Japanese TV Reporter Presenter

Are you looking for a Japanese presenter?  Yuko can present for your TV shows and online
videos with passion to communicate with your audience speaking both in English and Japanese fluently. 

She is happy to present both live shows and pre-recorded pieces. Her cheerful presenting is suitable for life-style shows, sports programmes, magazine shows and documentaries and she brings a lot of energy into your show.

She also has great interview skills with experiences of interviewing celebrities such as Shinji Kagawa, Sir Stirling Moss, David Suchet, Kamui Kobayashi, Anthony Davidson, Mike Summerbee, Pierre Littbarski to name a few. 

Please request her professional show-reel from Contact Page as we unfortunately cannot show here due to copyright reasons. 


Japanese Event Presenter

If you need an experienced event presenter to represent your brand, Yuko can be the perfect one. She has presented at international Trade Shows and Exhibitions speaking both English and Japanese. 

She has special ability to connect with her audience, which will help you deliver the positive image of your brand at the events. She is friendly, warm and smily, so you will have a lot of fun working with her, too!

Whether you are looking for a presenter to represent a Japanese company in Europe or a European company in Japan, she will perfectly fit in the role!

Japanese Voice Over Artist

Are you looking for a Japanese Voice Over artist? Or a person who can do English Voice Over with Japanese accent? Yuko can provide you with voice over services for corporate, documentary, commercial, animation etc. She has a warm, friendly, enthusiastic and professional voice with the playing age of 18-40. Please feel free to listen to her voice-reel above. 

Japanese Presenter, Reporter and MC

Yuko Suzuki is a Japanese presenter, producer and journalist covering sports, science and travel subjects for international media outlets. 

Over the last eight years, she has interviewed famous athletes and experts in various fields having high profile clients including BBC, Channel 4, NHK, Microsoft, Toyota and Honda.

She has also hosted corporate events for clients such as Yokohama and Nitto.

Originally from Japan, she moved to UK to study History of Science at Imperial College London, where her main interests lied in the early concept of quantum mechanics and molecular biology.

Before working in media, she travelled around the world as a sponsorship agent for a Formula 1 team and also appeared in TV commercials and music videos.

Voice Sample - Intro (Japanese & English) - Yuko
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Voice Sample - Reception (English) - Yuko
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Voice Sample - Event (English) - Yuko
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Voice Sample - Theatre (Japanese) - Yuko
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Voice- Sample - Pre-event (Japanese) - Yuko
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Voice Sample - Narration (Japanese) - Yuko
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On top of her professional media career, she absolutely enjoys creating YouTube videos and letting herself go a bit crazy and fun. Please have a look at Her YouTube Channel if you are curious. You might think Japanese girls are a bit quirky but you will certainly feel her energy :) | London UK       © 2020 YUKO SUZUKI    

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