Wearing Pink

I always wear something pink. I don't mean I always put on pink clothes from the top of head to the bottom of toes though, I have something pink somewhere in my attire. It could be as small as a rim of socks or tiny flower pattern on a scarf.

My signature colour used to be black. I spent most of my University years wearing monotonous outfit, which I found extremely slick, chic and cool like a real adult back then.

One day my friend said to me. 'You won't attract love if you are wearing black and white all the time. You have to wear pink!' I probably wanted to attract love at that time although I don't remember the exact details. That's anyway how I started wearing pink.

There was a practical side of wearing pink. As I occasionally made an appearance on Japanese TV channel as a reporter, I realised vivid-coloured outfit gave some vibrance to usually grey flat backdrop of British landscape in our reportage, and specially the hue of pink made my complexion look better.

When I was shooting a TV show in Oxford University, Dr. Kevin Dutton, the psychologist, pointed out my pink shoes. On that day all the crew members were instructed to wear black to avoid unwanted disturbance in the pictures. But I could't go to work without wearing anything pink. So secretly, well actually it turned out so 'obviously,' I put on a pair of bright pink Nike trainers.

He said a number of US studies documented that pink, especially a colour called Baker-Miller pink, calms the mood of violent offenders. It is scientifically proven that the colour of pink reduces the anxiety level and blood pressure. Apparently pink is tranquillising colour and human brain responds well to it. It's because the sky at dusk and dawn has this hue and humans have associated this colour with sleep and relaxation in our evolution. No wonder I felt good about wearing pink!

According to this, all the away dressing rooms in Premier League clubs should be painted in baker-miller pink. Probably all the bedrooms of people suffering from insomnia should be painted in the same colour as well...

Not sure if I ever attracted love by wearing pink, this magical colour always pleases my eyes. The other day, my friend in Japan messaged me and said 'I got a new boyfriend thanks to the pink lipgloss you sent me as my birthday gift!'

This special colour seems to help us be happy.

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