Service Non-existent?!

I was watching The Apprentice the other night on BBC One. As much as I enjoy watching this show, there is one thing that really bothers me: the fact that the team who provides shittier service and keeps the cost lower always wins! And to me, a Japanese living in London, it looks like the reflection of British idea of service.

To a certain degree, I must agree that the business has to keep the cost as low as possible and make as much profit as possible. But the customers on the TV show seem to be easier on the bad service providers, or maybe the whole nation is paralysed with the bad standard of service in Britain?! Or have I become the world's worst mourner as I get older...? Anyway, I just can't stand even just watching the bad service provided!

A couple weeks ago, I was in Dubai and of course I made the most of the opportunity and paid a visit to the one and only seven star hotel - Burj Al Arab. As we walked in, the breath taking interior and the facility overwhelmed me. The start was all good and I felt like breathing in the luxury literally.

However, when we checked in a welcome desk of the Sky Bar, something started going wrong. The receptions took a while to find my booking, which to promise the minimum spend of about £100 per person, and we were forced to watch many lifts going up and down without any explanation what so ever. What's worse, there were quite a few other people who are experiencing this delay with no reason, there weren't available seating for us. So about 15 minutes, we were just standing there. Great impression, ha?

Then many more things to my annoyance happened. The order was completely forgotten first and then after we ordered again, the waiter couldn't remember what we ordered. The glass of sauvignon blanc that was finally delivered was nothing like cold. If they didn't give us the table by the night view window by the time we left, I would have freaked out.

As I was complaining all that, I felt like I am missing out something. I know the good service, I grew up with the good service, I took it for granted and now I felt extremely miserable even in the once in life time visit to the very seven star hotel!

But I still hope for the world with good service because the great service really makes us happy and I believe that. And someone who can provide the great service is special and talented and I admire that. That's why I am writing about this bloody topic here knowing that you will say I am such an anal person!

Today again at a local supermarket, I was annoyed with the shop clerk chatting with a customer for ever without noticing the long queue behind it. The great service comes from the attention to detail and the care for all.

As a person from the country of world class service, I feel like I need to do something about it. Don't get me wrong, I admire a lot about other countries, but I have to admit I can't stand the standard of the service in many of them, because I think you can do a lot better!!

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