Romance of Three Minutes

Argentine tango. That’s three-minute-romance.You have to change partners one after another. Short-lived passion, which makes men and women flame up in their dance. Encounter and farewell. This cruielty may eflect the reality of men and women.

Milonguelas stare at good leaders appealing ‘Your next partner is Me!’ Normally men invite women to the dance floor, but women can always reject him. ‘You are not good enough for me, I deserve a better gentleman!’ Women should choose a partner who can lead her better and make her look more beautiful.

When I started learning Argentine tango for the first time, I ended up with just walking around the studio for ages. No steps you should remember, no technique you can contrive. There is simple walk and feel of partner’s gravity. You should never assume where a leader takes you. Women plainly feels the gravity of men’s body, and walks toward the direction you are allured by him.

There is another joy of dancing tango. That is to build up a shoe collection. Argentine tango shoes are beautiful with thin and high heels and elegant shape just like an extension of female legs. You will never be satisfied with only a couple of pairs.

Floor is a canvas; your feet are drawing pictures on the floor. Drawings of romance game, drawings of short-lived passion. Three minutes is short, but filled with colorful sensation of men and women.

#argentinetango #dance #romance | London UK       © 2020 YUKO SUZUKI    

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