Robot Has Arrived in My House

There are a few things, here I mean physical objects, in Britain that frustrates me when I make a comparison with the ones I used to have in Japan.

For examples, clingfilm. In Japan we have this amazing product called Saran Wrap. It doesn't stick to each other unnecessarily, box doesn't collapse while you are tying to get it out, it doesn't resist over the edge of the box and it wraps perfectly when you cover a bowl or dish regardless of different surface types.

And another example, boiler. In 20 years of my life in Japan, I had never had a cold shower because it simply doesn't break down. But in Britain, I have to face this mere misery nearly every year and I got to learn this incredibly miserable feeling of being in a cold shower which probably resembles the feeling that you are in prison or jangle.

And one more thing, vacuum cleaner!

When I first arrived in Britain, I was shocked with the lack of suction power of British vacuum cleaners. It even had bulky look almost like 80's home appliances to my eyes. Saying that, in this decade I think huge improvement is made and if you can spend a significant sum, you can have an access to reasonable product such as Dyson and Henry.

A few years ago, I found a vacuum cleaner, which costs only abut £20 on Amazon. It had great reviews attached. So I purchased. It actually did solid job so I recommended all my Japanese friends in London and enjoyed its power and compact appearance.

However, it has lost the original energetic attitude and last week it reached the point that I cannot tolerate the weakened power of this hoover any more. It was the matter of urgency, and I had to look for the replacement item immediately as the entire house was being covered up with dust...

It was my boyfriend who suggested that we should buy a Robotic vacuum cleaner. I was against the idea because I wasn't convinced the technology, especially British or European made, is advanced enough to be able to cope with such a complicated task to clean the entire house automatically. (You know, some of paid cleaners don't even do the proper job!) And I didn't want to spend a fortune.

Looking at Amazon, Argos and a few other websites, I was briefly drawn to a hoover at £99. This product had the great rating on Argos website, but it said otherwise on Amazon. So I refrained from placing the order. Then, I realised there is no way to get a great vacuum cleaner under £250. It is the Christmas time which incurs a lot of expenses. I didn't feel like it.

There I started considering the Robotic option. If you have to spare a bit more, why not save the cleaning time, during which I can do some more work done. I came across this product Bagotte with great reviews and also with £30 off voucher.

The total sum of my spending with the voucher ended up at £169. Not a bad price if the robot does a good job. But I wasn't still convinced.

Yesterday, the guy finally arrived.

Yes I meant the robot of Bagotte. He is black and shiny, breathing with a flashing florescent pink heart. He certainly carries the aura of future.

And off he goes!!!

Overall my rating for this Bagotte robot is 8.5 out of 10.

Covering himself in dust, he worked hard and did a good job. But he is not the most efficient cleaner because he occasionally wanders off to random locations and gets lost not being able to find his docking station. The design of the product is quite clever as all the brushes attached works to do better job than ordinary vacuum cleaner. Originally I believed these small things don't do anything, but it does.

Also I have to admire his ability to go under furniture. Standard hoover doesn't reach nor I won't make effort to clean that fur. As a petit minimalist I like his compact size as well. Any of ordinary vacuum cleaners can compete in size!

So I have to admit that the pathways the robot went through are cleaned. The suction power and ability to entwine hairs off the carpet are both living up to my expectations. I was thinking if I am not 100% satisfied with the product, I would return it. But now it seems like I am attached to this hardworking robot, so I can't let him go...

Although I was supposed to save chore time and earn extra time to something else while he is looking after the floor, I can't help watching him clean the house. It is kind of cute and adorable, this little machine! I will definitely clean the floor more often because it is fun to watch him working.

It's also fun to drive him like a good old radi-con. It's a bit like gaming.

And last night, this loyal robot decided to wake up when the clock ticked precisely at midnight. With one big beep, he went off again. I was in the bed room and heard the noise and came to the lounge where he was rigorously sweeping the floor. Presumably the preset timer was on.

Anyway, we are coming to 2020 soon, so it is not a bad idea to have a robot at home to do one of our hated housekeeping chores!

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