How Do You Spend Christmas?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

On the Christmas morning, waking up in a lonely bed, when I look at my mobile phone, it is full of ‘Merry Xmas’ messages. Well, if nobody tells me that today is Christmas, I could be much happier! But on second thought, I am content with the fact that there are plenty of friends who wish me a merry Christmas in the world.

In my home country Japan, we tend to be urged to spend Christmas day with lovers rather than families. Therefore, single boys and girls make every single effort to avoid the bitterness of a lonely Christmas in December. Although I had been released from this strange commercial pressure since I moved to England, as a young single immigrant, the solitude of Christmas is merely turned into a different kind.

On the first Christmas in London, I spend the day with five gay boys and one dog, and ended up at a gay club after mid-night where nobody paid attention to me. Even not being vain, that doesn’t happen often in heterosexual clubs to twenty something girls!

The second Christmas went crazier with all the possible legal highs. It was a far from holy night that we went to a local church and sang hymns in solemn atmosphere after getting drunk and somehow stupefied.

Then, I came up with an idea on my last early twenties Christmas. Being alone is one of my options. Stop asking somebody to make me happy – I can make myself happy. With a bottle of sparkling wine, I can entertain myself with series of Rom-Coms until the morning! No one can complain at my laziness. But don’t swap Champagne with beer, Rom-Com with soap!!!

It’s still a merry christmas. Well, how do I spend Christmas this year? Probably with my boyfriend and his mother playing Snatch! She likes when I snatch his stones. How about you?

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