Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga has been talked about for quite a while now, but I have never tried it before. I’m not a trend-chasing type! However, my colleague sitting next to me in the office goes to a studio almost every day and she seems to be so energetic (sometimes even annoyingly:p), so I decided to give it a go myself even just for once on my lazy Monday afternoon. I was working over the weekend so I needed a refreshing activity desperately.

I booked a drop-in express session at Yoga Haven in Islington, which was £14 for 60 minutes. The location was convenient (5-10 min walk from Angel or Kings Cross station) and the studio was clean and pleasant, but it was really hot (40 degree)! Yes, of course it should be so and it’s good that it was…

I’m generally freezing in London, so I thought ‘hot’ is just a right temperature for me compared to the super hot Japanese summer blocking any breeze with huge grey concrete walls of sky-high buildings. But in less than 10 minutes, I started feeling a little sick… ‘Oh, I need some breeze…!!!’ I just tried to think something fresh. ‘This heat is just the strong sun, yes we are lying on a beach in nice and sunny Floridaaa…’ The thought somehow helped me recover from almost knock-down state of my mind.

But I was sweating like hell. I just glanced at others in the mirror. Only boys who were sweating as much as I was! Why is that?! Is that something to get used to after many sessions?? I checked with my colleague later on, and she said ‘The more you train, the more you sweat.’ Jesus, I will lose all the water out of my body after a few session then. Well, I should appreciate the fact I have quite a good metabolism, I assume…

A bottle of water, which supposed to rescue me from this hardship, completely lost its value of coldness by the time I reached it for the second sip. But seriously I might faint if I didn’t take enough water, so I swallowed this dull liquid…

After 30-40 minutes, I started enjoying this stoicism, and I survived for 60 minutes! Phew. I am so pleased that I didn’t go for 90 minutes full session. I would’ve been dead if I did!! It was hard, just surviving in the heat rather than stretching the body, but over all experience was great. I felt light and fresh when I inhaled the cool air at the end of the session and extremely hungry. It certainly fixed my digestive system.

I don’t think I would be a regular (it is a bit too hard for me…!) but I would try again when I need a real workout or refresh. My skin feels smooth thanks to so much sweating, although my colleague said she never looses weight and I don’t think so either because I ate so much after the session… | London UK       © 2020 YUKO SUZUKI    

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