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The big boss of a small modelling agency I was with at my teenage always turned up with a different Coach bag. The lady’s bag was always shining like a crown of her career success. I didn’t know how many Coach bags she owned, but the collection looked like the trace of her career to young models’ eyes.

At that time, I didn’t own any designer handbags nor I wanted. I grew up being told  ‘academic degree is your brand’ so until the age of twenty somethig, I lived on my accordingly-prestigious university degree rather than designers’ labels that everyone was chasing after.

But when I turned to be twenty six, I slightly felt embarrassed with the fact that I didn’t own any designers handbags. It felt like I hadn’t achieved any career success!

Soon after I started looking into the prices of designers handbags, and I realised first of all I need a ‘suitable’ lifestyle to own a designer handbag. Both Granville Bag and Lux Saffiano cost over £2000, and famous Kelly Bag is over £6000. I would freak out if I get such an expensive bag dirtied or scratched in a packed commuters’ train! Well, it isn’t for me, at least for now…

I think the lady boss’s Coach bag collection actually represented her own career at the time. Coach bag is not inexpensive, but affordable for a hard-working woman. Building a company by her own hand, she probably rewarded herself for each of her achievements with a crown bag.

Now I own a few Coach bags and some not-ridicurously-expensive designer handbags  (although the collection is partly relaying on my mum and boyfriend..!). I always want to own quality stuff, but at the same time I want my crown bags to be suitable for my lifestyle, or I want to make a best effort to have a lifestyle adequate for a prestigious designer handbags. You know, we need a pumpkin carriage not to dirty the crown bag!

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