Beach Holiday Destination

I assume most of you have already booked the Christmas holiday. But for some of you, who haven’t planned anything yet just like me may find this article useful. Or anyone who suffered from freezing night wind on the way home from Christmas parties may just enjoy the thought of beautiful beaches:)

The best beach holiday I’ve ever had was probably Maldives. The beach was very tranquil and the whole experience was indulgently tender. I stayed at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island: the highlight of the hotel is ‘under water restaurant.’ The idea is you enjoy gorgeous seafood swimming over you in a glass-box restaurant sunk in the sea water. Another feature was the Spa where you can overlook tropical fishes while having a massage. It’s an absolute spoiling.

Another beach holiday I recommend is Barbuda (not Bermuda!). Barbuda is the sister island of Antigua. It takes 2 hours by boat to go to Barbuda from Antigua, but actually worth it. Something really special about Low Bay is the colour of the beach: PINK! The tiny fragments of shells make this beach look pink reflecting the sunshine. If you stay at Lighthouse Bay Resort Hotel, you can monopolise this pink beach because there are hardly anyone! The locals call it ‘Princess’s naked beach’ since they accordingly witnessed Princess Diana getting topless on this beach.

One more destination to mention. It’s far from a nice ‘beach’ because of clay-like tecture of sands but I had a fantastic time in January’s Doha. It’s not too hot no too cold, perfect temprature throughout the day. Grand Hyatt Residence accommodated me and in its huge villa I struggled to find my bedroom! The place has a beautiful garden facing the beach. Near-by is a state-of-art shopping centre as well as exotic souk; so you will have plenty things to do while you are there.

Not yet sure where my next beach exploration will be. But I am eager to find even better one!

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