Derby County

Under the crispy winter sky, we left London. Yes, I said 'we.' I, for the first time, have a co-pilgrim in this trip, who offered me a go-far and assistance service. Well, I think English people should see more of their country, so it is quite nice that I am able to show him his own country through this quest. And in fact, it is nice to have an English pilgrim beside me as often the people in English countryside get a little perplexed with this alien visiter from far-east, i.e., me.

Derby's mascot is Ram. This comes from the historical incident that the First Regiment of Derbyshire Militia adopted a ram as their mascot in 1855. In the middle of busy shopping street, the stern face of Ram is staring at the shoppers in the weekend and there is the regiment song called 'The Derby Ram' which is especially enjoyed by Derby County fans.

Apparently travel gurus at the Lonely Planet Guide described Derby as the best place to drink real ale in the world. There are several micro-breweries in Derby and the Derby Brewing Company adopted the Derby Ram in its logo.

The Tap

This is where you can try their famous 'The Racks' which is a selection of five samples (third of pint each) of different real ales and a portion of local cheese. Amazingly it's only £6.50!

Pyclet Parlour

Derby's local delicacy is the Derby Pyclet. I am not sure if you have ever heard of it even if you are a English person. It is a kind of pancake if I can give you any explanation for this.

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