Swinging Chelsea

While I was watching tennis, golf, horse racing and swimming, the new season of Premier League is soon to begin. My friends misunderstand that I am a football fanatic. Well, do you really think an avarage Japanese girl would enjoy working at football ground every weekend?! But it’s true I started feeling some kind of attachment to English football, so let me share some touristic information around each ground. This time, it’s Chelsea FC!


I still find it quite unreasonable that ‘Fulham’ Broadway Station is the closest to Stamford Bridge and not to Craven Cottage…


Near the station, you will find a stall that sells old Chelsea programmes and other memorabillia. The owner Steve Smyth has over 30 years of experience in buying and selling football programmes, amazing!


This is the original wall of The Shed terrace, where all the die-hard supporters were seated. Now it is nicely decorated with the photos of Chelsea legends.


This is the pitch view. Chelsea FC frequently runs stadium tour for its visitors. You can see the pitch, dressing room, dugout, and tunnel. What I like about Stamford Bridge is the seating area is VERY close to the pitch, which I didn’t expect in such a big club.


Chelsea FC has an official brasband. Most of members are Chelsea fans. They only play at less busy matches, that means if you see them play lovely music, you are very lucky!


Stamford Bridge offers everything, including a music venue called Under the Bridge. Chelsea FC is known as the most cultural club in England because they have had strong connection with musicians, movie stars and fashion icons since 1960’s.


There five boys have been around Stamford Bridge since swinging 60’s. They used to go out after match and shared some drinks with Chelsea players (and perhaps pretty girls!) in fashionable bars on Kings Road.


This is the view of fashionable Kings Road, where Mary Quant made mini-skirt so popular and Vivienne Westwood created a punk sensation. Westwood’s World’s End shop is quite close to Chelsea ground.


The Butcher’s Hook pub locates right in front of the stadium. This pub used to be called The Rising Sun and witnessed the handshake of founding Chelsea FC in 1905. There is a sports bar in Stamford Bridge, but it tends to be booked up on match days, so it’s best to book your seats well in advance!


I personally recommend you to watch the match at this pub, The Sporting Page if don’t have a ticket. This place offers nice food and drinks, bright and clean interior and friendly and passionate fellow fans.


Check out the inside! If you want to get a seat, it’s better to get there early enough.


The photo on the left shows the statue of Peter Osgood, the glamourous legend of the club. And the other photo shows an overly-excited Chelsea supporter on the day of securing Premier League victory…


I personally prefer the season when an underdog shows an amazing perfomance to the one when the king expands his trophy collection. No one knows what’s going to happen in 2015-16 season, so looking forward to it!!



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